Dear Friends,

This month has been filled with sunny days and subzero nights – perfect for outdoor activities and cozy evenings at home. In some ways, this is the slow season for real estate, yet I have showings and closings every week, as well as numerous buyers seeking homes for sale.

I’ll have several new listings in February. Many of my clients – buyers, sellers, and those who just enjoy following local real estate – have asked to receive all area listings in a single email each week. I am happy to provide that service, and you are welcome to subscribe.

In any real estate transaction you do in 2022, high demand and multiple offers could result in hasty decision-making and anxiety. Please refrain from making costly mistakes. Yes, home values have increased. No, you should not over-spend, nor should you waive important contingencies like a home inspection. When you waive an inspection, you risk significant, unforeseen expenses. I could tell you a dozen stories to make a point, but a recent one comes to mind.

After having their offer accepted on a property within their budget, my clients discovered – during the home inspection – that the home’s Kitec piping, which looked just fine, was prone to spontaneous bursting. Only a licensed home inspector would have known that Kitec polymer pipe installed between 1995-2007 is problematic. We requested that the sellers replace all piping; they did, and the closing took place on schedule.

As always, I am available seven days a week to discuss your real estate needs and offer any advice.