We know we’re past the grey days and sandy roads of early spring when the grass turns green, and the crocuses, daffodils, and hyacinths start to bloom. Soon the maples and birches will explode with leaves, and we will again enjoy the lush landscape of summer.

After a long winter – and long year – part- and full-time residents will soon trade their boots and pants for sandals and shorts and begin to look forward to all that makes summer in the Adirondacks magical. I, for one, look forward to town bustling with people who come to hike, camp, boat, and bike. I also look forward to the busiest time of year in real estate.

Through the fall and winter, prospective buyers look at homes for coziness, efficiency, and warmth, whereas in the spring and summer, buyers experience properties as home bases for outdoor adventure and entertaining, fully appreciating gardens, decks, and views.

I love showing properties in the warmer months. It isn’t uncommon for me bring buyers to even road-access properties by motorboat or to hike with them in the woods and check out the lakes and ponds surrounding their future homes. Not long ago, I took a family – and a fleet of kayaks filled with refreshments – to see a property on an island. And yes, I have more than one story getting caught with clients in thunderstorms and losing my direction in the woods, yet all of them have happy endings of drinks at The Cottage or dinner at Lisa G’s.

As many people have heard me say, if you are not having fun looking at homes, then you are doing it wrong. Clients – those who have become friends and those new to the area – are welcome to give me a call. These days I am doing lots of home valuations for people considering listing their homes, and I am setting up alert systems for all my buyers. Here’s to the start of an adventure-filled summer and finding one’s perfect spot in the Adirondacks.